A tribute to Miss America

A tribute to Miss America

In beauty pageants, you are not just judged based on you appearance but as a person. Beauty is not everything that can be seen, but also what lies inside. It is true that beauty lies within the eye of its beholder. To each individual the word beautiful means something else. It is not something that can ever be defined because that would be like explaining how air looks like.I think it was absolutely disgusting that people threw such horrible racist slurs towards her! It honestly makes be a bit ashamed to become American.Growing up I shared a lot of what Nina has been through being brown skinned. I also got my share of hate towards my appearance and where my parents came from. Its sad but undeniably true that racism stays prominent even in today’s society. But it completely boggles my mind because a lot has changed in the twenty first century including gay rights. But yet we still cannot accept people of different skin colors? That’s like picking a orange over a plum because of its appearance. Have we not learned anything from our past. I feel like even today some people forget the history of America. We are all immigrants that came here to live a better life, whether your a first generation American or a sixty seventh. (Well except if your one hundred percent native.)

I remember watching countless movies and learning about Martin Luther King Jr. He worked his entire life devoting to the rights of colored people. It is what makes up most of American Literature and History. You always hear about all these heroic figures that have sacrificed so much to ensure that one day this country will rise up and look past looks. Even though we are not even half-way there yet. I don’t think that everyone will stop being racist at any point. But I do believe that we are much better than this. The United States is a melting pot of different cultures and people form all over the world. I think the problem is that schools should be more open to teaching students about diversity. More often we learn things outside the classroom that really are important.

I think Nina is a role model for all young women out there. She aspires them to be themselves and dream big. Most people are venting out hate on how she should not have been given the title of Miss America 2014. They dished her out and accused her for so much that she is not even close too. But I couldn’t disagree more! Her answers to the the questions the judges asked seemed so sincere and intelligent. She is bringing change into the world. Hopefully, she will accomplish many great things for the country. There are lots of girls who watched on television and found a new spark of hope.




A few years ago, it felt like my life was really falling apart. I  had not a slight  idea  of what I was going to do in life. I spent countless nights sleepless trying to figure everything out. It was just so frustrating not knowing what you want to do. I have struggled a lot in the past couple of years because life hasn’t been a cup of tea. Maybe it might have been the teenage years, or just all the hurdles that came inbetween. I suffered through anxiety and chronic depression.  I spent a lot of time growing though, I learned so much about myself. The type of life I wanted to lead and the kind of person I wanted to be portrayed as.

When I was child I knew I liked to help people out and I wanted to continue with that. I loved making other people feel better, I don’t know why but it made me feel good. I also loved hearing about stories from other people and experiences. There is so much knowledge out there  in every life,that makes it so unique. If you talk to one person for just thirty minutes you can learn so much. You can learn about their favorite color or a great breakthrough in their life.

However, today I finally decided on putting some of the little pieces of my life together. It feels good to know that slowly,its starting to come all together. I cannot fathom how excited I am to enter into the new chapter of my life. It feels so good to know that I have finally decided my major, and I feel fortunate I didn’t have to go into a lot of time thinking about it. It just felt as natural as waking up in the morning and having cheerios on a saturday morning. I knew that this had to be what I wanted to do for the rest of my life.