There will be change,
The days will be brighter,
Sun will be warmer,

Sorrow will be buried far away,
I’ll be able to  taste the rain again,
Dancing and humming in the moonlight,

My heart will catch its beat,
I’ll  feel my soul find life again,
With no more dealings with yesterday’s sorrow,

I’ll be new again,
My wings will be mended together,
I’ll dare to dream again.

(not my picture btw)



Over and over I lied;

This cannot be reality.

You strung me naked of all my dreams,

You made them shatter into broken glass.


Through heavy chest I breathe,

From weary eyes I see.

My mind is spinning into another universe,

a heart that does not dare to dream.


From all the bruises my sleeves stain red,

for all the pain that I’ve felt.

I’ve never heard silence so loud,

I’ve never tasted tears of blood.