Stressed? All you need is Starbucks and a best friend.


This summer has been nothing less than chaotic. From summer school to online classes, I hardly had time for myself. Despite all of this the one thing that kept me going was the trip to  Europe with one of my good friends. I was especially excited for it because it would have been my first time traveling outside the United States with my friends. Unfortunately, it got canceled because of some circumstances. But leaving all that behind, my best friend come home from yesterday. I hadn’t been in much contact with her since she left in June. It felt so reliving to catch up with her. Excitement rose in her eyes as she explained all the things she saw from her trip from shopping,to dinning,and of course clubbing! He used her hands and gestured to portray the different style of culture it was,almost recreating the scene for me. It all sounded so beautiful and rich. I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t jealous a little bit.  She pulled back her hair and  I noticed a pale faced woman on her earrings which resembled some of Picasso’s work. Awed in beauty, I had to take a picture,just like any other photographer captivated to a subject.

We had such a  great time gossiping while sipping vanilla bean Frappuccuino and munching on panini’s as she continued to describe the crowded streets of Barcelona and the cold London weather. It made me feel at ease and less frustrated. Instead I enjoyed listening to her while I sat and finished the rest of my lunch. It had been a while since I got out of the house, except for the occasional Costco runs.

So if your having a bad day,don’t be afraid to get together with an old friend and just grab a cup of coffee. Sometimes you need a break from life and its okay to just go for it! If you keep telling yourself you don’t have time,then you never will! Grab your calendar  and save that nap for another day. Everyone deserves to be happy because sometimes life can  be a bitch.