I think the most important thing that you can give yourself is self confidence. Not everyone is blesssed with all the fortunes of the world. Some might have looks while other money. But, its up to you how you percieve yourself. No matter how much makeup you put on, its a consience inside that makes you who you are. If you think you are not good enough for something then you will never be. If you cannot learn to love yourself,then how will you learn to love others. Those are the thoughts that ran through my head today. One of passions is photography and it has taught me to see the world differently. I believe that everything has a spark of beauty. Even if you look at an insect up close, you notice the patterns, the details that make each unique from the rest. There was a girl who I did a photoshoot for last week and she was furious her photos were not good. She kept telling me that she wanted to look like the ”other girls” whose pictures were on my website. But little did she know I used the same software to edit her photos as all of my other clients. So I tried to make her understand, but she was an earful. Her texts were coming at me like daggars as she accused me of not having good skills. At the end of the day, its only you who can help yourself. You cannot teach people how to live but only suggest ideas.


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