A letter to you

A letter to you

I’ve always wondered if it was possible to define love.
Two people are just joined together with such a strong force within that they can’t seem to care less for the rest of the world. This is all what I’ve read in books of course. I don’t think anyone could reallly fall in love, truly. I believe that a part of us just wants to be accepted. They say love is blind. But then how is it so hard for a blind person to be loved. No, love is more than likley not blind. The fact of the matter is more often it appears that we fall for a person as a whole. You find something about them intresting an captivating like a million bursts of colors on every fourth of July. Something that you can’t help deny is there and as humans are, all you can do it want it. I don’t know why I fell for you. But there was something in the way you talked that made every word sound like silk. I couldn’t help but urge to want to talk to you and think about you more than necessary. I was drawn to how you were always there for me.But maybe it was fate, you know. Maybe this is just as it was supposed to me.
I remember when we met, all those years ago. You were just another reckless child and I a girl with a sophistacted persona. I don’t know when I started wanting you. Maybe it was when I realized I missed you after not seeing you for a few months. But maybe it was just the idea of having someone who cared for me. I don’t think I could ever explain it all into words. I know its crazy because I haven’t even seen you for years, almost a half decade. A lot can change in five years in a person, their favorite poem or the way the like their coffee in the morning. But you and I, I like to think of us in a never ending chasity. Even though its been many years, I still remember all those little things. Every conversation on the phone only makes me wonder if you feel the same.I wish I could just explode my heart open and tell you everything. But you see its not that easy, you have changed and so have I. I don’t know if the conversations will be as  electric and exciting as before. When all I did was dream about meeting you again. Even though their is miles of distance between us, I have never felt so close to anyone in this way before.

I’m scared of everything falling apart but I’m still holding on just like a child with to stubborn to let go of its old toys. I like to replay it in my head sometimes and I laugh out loud. I laugh at how you have became as important to me as breathing. I don’t want to sound foolish but its what I think of before drifting into sleep. But your the reason that my life changed. You were always there when the nights were long and you were always listening. I wish I told you I loved you back all those years ago. Sometimes I wait anxiously by the phone hoping to get an email. Not a fancy one,even a hello. Maybe someday things will be the same again, but imagining the future is its own kind of nostalgia.


2 thoughts on “A letter to you

  1. **Small Town Girl**

    Love this! I can completely relate and love the way you have expressed yourself.

  2. Thanks for taking a look at my blog! 🙂

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